Need help programming your PLC? Need help integrating a new piece of equipment? Need UL-certified control panels? Newell Automation can develop a customized solution to not only complete your automated process, but improve the way it works. Our process engineers will work with you to identify the best instrumentation and control functionality for your process. From concept and integration to installation and troubleshooting, our engineers will develop and validate a system that meets your requirements.


Many companies make the mistake of simply converting their current processes into a digital format. Our goal is to understand the purpose behind the process. By asking some basic questions, we can begin to design a process that provides real-time feedback with a user-friendly system.

  • What processes within the plant are involved?
  • What parameters do you want to monitor?
  • Are there other controls in the plant that need to be in communication with this system?

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Newell Automation Temperature Indication System

Thermal camera fever detection—accurately and instantly

The body temperature monitoring system provides a real-time solution for businesses when people pass through the detection area. A dual sensor provides both visible and thermal monitoring and tracks people in motion—no stopping is required.



  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5°F
  • System can handle up to 32 cameras
  • Response time—30 milliseconds
  • Detects up to 16 targets at one time
  • Over temperature alarm/signal notification with relay output
  • IP66 rated