Why Newell Automation?

We understand the purpose behind the process. Working along with our process engineers, our controls team will identify the appropriate instrumentation and control functionality for your process. From conceptual design to installation and start-up, our engineers and technicians will develop and validate a system that meets your requirements.

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JBC-100 Batch Controller

The JBC-100 batch controller puts flow control directly into the hands of the line operator.  The control unit regulates the quantity of flow to either your pump or valve while providing the user with instant feedback on quantities.  Stainless steel controller enclosure meets UL-508A specifications.

  • Simple, user-friendly entry of target flow quantity
  • High resolution touch screen; color display
  • Dual output control for your pump or valve
  • Suitable for any liquid dairy or beverage product
  • 7-day total summary of volumes

“It was a pleasure working with M.G. Newell on this project, from beginning to end. You continuously demonstrated the kind of professionalism and dedication to quality and safety that we expect in our contracting partners. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Tom Baxter
Engineering and Technical Services Manager – Bush Brothers