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In 2008, M.G. Newell took a step forward in its growth.  Recognizing the role that automation would play in the future of industrial manufacturing, the company formed a new segment called Newell Automation. The move allowed M.G. Newell to expand from its distribution and fabrication business to become a full-service systems integration company.

The Newell Automation team consists of controls engineers, electrical engineers, electricians and calibration technicians. Their focus is to develop software and hardware controls systems for industrial customers. Specialties include UL-certified control panel design and fabrication, automation hardware, HMI design and programming, PLC design and programming, on-site troubleshooting, equipment integration, system upgrades and software audits.

Newell Automation is based in Greensboro, NC alongside the Corporate and Greensboro divisions of M.G. Newell.

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M.G. Newell offers a range of positions at each of our locations including inside and outside sales, engineers, welders and electrical and calibration technicians.

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