Product Spotlight


Body Temperature
Detection Network

Thermal camera fever detection—accurately and instantly

The body temperature monitoring system provides a real-time solution for businesses when people pass through the detection area. A dual sensor provides both visible and thermal monitoring and tracks people in motion—no stopping is required.



  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5°F
  • System can handle up to 32 cameras
  • Response time—30 milliseconds
  • Detects up to 16 targets at one time
  • Over temperature alarm/signal notification with relay output
  • IP66 rated

ITM-51 Turbidity Meter

Cost-effective optical sensor for your process!


The ITM-51’s compact, modular design is a highly configurable, cost-effective solution to meet your specific application needs. With expanded capabilities in pressure, temperature and measuring range, the ITM-51 can now go beyond the typical applications given to turbidity sensors, making the ITM-51 capable of furthering your ability to meet sustainment goals.

NOW available with 


  • Phase separation of products (whey-cream-milk)
  • Water flush control
  • Separator control
  • CIP-pre-rinse control
  • Yeast harvest in breweries
  • Product quality control


Principle of Operation
  • Infrared LED emits light into the media through the sapphire lens
  • Receiver measures the amount of light reflected back by particles suspended in the media
  • A signal is generated that is proportional to the amount of particles = relative turbidity

  • The relative turbidity is based on the Negele calibration standard and is displayed in %TU, NTU or EBC


Simple batch control at your fingertips!

The JBC-100 batch controller puts flow control directly into the hands of the line operator.  The control unit regulates the quantity of flow to either your pump or valve while providing the user with instant feedback on quantities.  Stainless steel controller enclosure meets UL-508A specifications.

Product Benefits:

  • Simple, user-friendly entry of target flow quantity
  • High resolution touch screen; color display
  • Dual output control for your pump or valve
  • Suitable for any liquid dairy or beverage product
  • 7-day total summary of volumes